Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Needs Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Needs Assessment - Essay Example In order to effectively utilize modern technologies, user manuals become an essential part of business needs because it facilitates employees with certain information related to the proper process of utilization of technological features or applications. Consequently, through the gained learning from user manual related to the operational process of a technological application, employees could support and be beneficial to the organization to achieve the organizational goals through performing effectively or systematically. Moreover, satisfying employees through providing the primary requirements by the organization also becomes an essential need for the organization in order to increase commitment of the employees. Audience Audience in this particular circumstance is the employees. Employees play an effective role for the organization by helping and leading the organization to serve in the market with its products and services. With the consideration to this aspect, an organization s hould motivate its employees to perform better with the assigned tasks. In order to motivate its employees and maintain their work-life balance, the organization should implement new technologies i.e. ... fore starting the work assigned by the organization, employees should study the operational objectives of the organization in order to perform effectively. Situation Performing in accordance with the organizational requirements and considered or implemented modern technologies, the employees could face certain difficulties, i.e. lack of proper operational knowledge regarding usage of MS Office and office e-mail system. Lack of adequate knowledge related to the identified technologies refers to the situation in which employees are unfamiliar with proper functionalities of the undertaken technologies by the organization while serving and supporting the organization to achieve the objectives effectively. Furthermore, it is also observed from the interview that certain number of employees also face various problems regarding proper utilization of the applications because the employees have got a lack of information regarding the appropriate operation usage. Moreover, the problems can be identified as lack of knowledge regarding adaptability of the applications, frequent occurrence of errors while handling the applications and inadequate knowledge regarding the features of the applications. Goals Every organization has certain goals while operating in the market. The primary goals of organization are to assist the prevailing customers of the market by meeting their requirements through providing quality products and services along with maximizing the organizational profits. Furthermore, other fundamental goals of organization can be identified as facilitating usage of modern technology and innovative ideas in accordance with changing needs of globalization. The goals of organization are to provide facilities to the employees, such as insurance, better salary, and good

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