Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How might internet kill switches affect freedom of speech Essay

How might internet kill switches affect freedom of speech - Essay Example In order to protect the national security interest many countries ensures that the Internet wouldn’t help hackers or terrorists to commit digital attacks on different important services that are now un-resolvedly linked to the network. During the past few years many discussion were there in US Congress related to the effective and safe internet structure for improving Homeland Security. Therefore this paper will analyze the causes and impacts of legislations to kill internet and its impacts on the freedom of speech. How Might Internet Kill Switches Affect Freedom Of Speech? 1 INTRODUCTION In today’s world the Internet has become the fastest mean of communication and this is unprecedented. However simultaneously, peoples are losing conventional print form of fact-finding journalism. Everyone in the world is communicating with each other via the Internet, as this has now turned into the most trusted sources of news. Arab Spring of 2011 is an example of the power of the in ternet and the reason for this development is the social media websites. In addition to a way of dynamically social communication, the Internet has now turned the greatest risk to all the secret societies (Crum, 2011). This study provides the detailed content over the developments at governmental level in various countries regarding the blocking of internet and its ethical impacts of this internet kill switch on the right of free speech in two more sections. Section 2 this paper will discuss the brief background and current situation of the issue and section 3 will conclude this paper covering the main points regarding the issue. Currently there is a proposal regaining momentum in Congress to provide the president with a â€Å"kill switch† for various sectors of the internet. 2. BACKGROUND AND SIGNIFICANCE Every time when new ways of communications have been introduced, their invention and appliance was met with the disbelief in any claims of ultimate knowledge, fear or direc tly ban by the dominating parties who feared the unknown means, and its power to remove and replace them from their authorities. And for this reason, modern (mass) media throughout history face suspicion, and are responsible for unnecessary regulation as they cause fear of possible unfavorable effects on security, society, and also to the political structures of the country. These types of events has proven true in the communication of certain types of content to the public from the press to the introduction of radio, TV and satellite transmissions, also as other types of systems for communicating. During the last decade, due to the increase in attention towards the Internet and also to its access to the new means of communications that are having no borders, the extensive accessibility of different content and many types of content viewed as to be not good for children, stimulates a â€Å"moral panic† that is shared by a number of countries and authorities and certain member of civil-society. Nowadays, on the other hand, with this new digital mode of communication, wide spread of information and content is available, which do not essentially respect the rules belonging to a nation. In various countries such dissolution of the power of controlling content, combined with the worldwide growth of information, comes along with an increased knowing of more than one language is evident. This virtual world of internet is now becoming borderless due to the

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