Sunday, February 9, 2020

Strategic and tactical marketing objectives Essay

Strategic and tactical marketing objectives - Essay Example There are considerable differences between strategic marketing and tactical marketing. Strategic marketing usually involves the planning portion of achieving a marketing objective which relies on research information on target customers. Tactical marketing is the actual application (processes) which are implemented in the hopes of achieving positive marketing results. In the hospitality industry, especially hotel marketing, both strategic and tactical marketing contribute to how the hotel performs in areas of the marketing mix. This report applies the activities involved in strategic and tactical marketing and applies them to a hypothetical resort in the Swiss Alps that provides services for wealthy guests. The marketing objective is to increase its market base by 20 percent in one year and target newlyweds from European nations. In order to achieve this goal, it will be necessary to create distinguished promotional materials which are suitable for mass market cultural beliefs and al so the beliefs of newlywed couples. Marriage is a day of celebration and, for this particular niche market, should extend well beyond the actual ceremony and be a part of their entire vacation package during this celebratory period. â€Å"Strategic marketing involves determining what the target market wants and the types of messages that resonate with that audience† (Brockington, 2009, p.1). Gaining this information about potential customers begins with conducting research, either in the form of interviews, focus groups, or surveys.

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