Thursday, November 21, 2019

Cosmetic Surgery Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Cosmetic Surgery - Essay Example Cosmetic surgery does not only improve one’s appearance but also makes a person happier and more confident since society values beautiful people. In fact, a research indicate that attractive people, both male and female, are more regarded and treated more positively( Olson and Marshuetz ,2005). They have better chances of getting hired, earning higher incomes, achieve higher marks, have better social skills and are even less prone to commit crimes ( p.502). In cases where one is not born with natural external beauty, cosmetic surgery can play a crucial role in changing the situation. The bottom line is that self confidence is a huge factor in being successful and a beautiful appearance adds to one’s confidence. With the availability of cosmetic surgery , there is now a quick and good chance to change one’s beauty and ultimately live a more confident and happier life. Pleasant looks has been linked to encouraging reactions from other people, including plain liking or passionate fondness, promotion and success in career, judgments and punishing in legal settings, and several others. Commonly, appearance is more strongly connected to assessment and consequences for women than for men. Contemporary cultures across the globe socialize women to internalize an onlooker’s perception on their physical bearing, and hence to endure more embarrassment and misery over bodies that do not match the cultural model. In reaction to this, women are more probable suffer from eating disorders in an attempt to manipulate their appearance (Davis, 2002). Thus, there is a higher incidence of eating disorders in women since they are more conscious of their physical appearance especially when looking for a mate. It is common nowadays for men and women to try several procedures for improving physical attractiveness as methods for drawing the attention, and retaining passionate partners. Some resort to extreme physical exercise or

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