Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Exam questions Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Exam questions - Article Example Another one is that it is a threat to social freedom. Plato’s study was already revolving around enlightenment, and according to him â€Å"Enlightenment is a Myth and Enlightenment reverts to Mythology†. The criticism more or less conveys the same meaning of critiques made by Adorno. The most powerful claim and argument placed by Mr. Robin Collingwood was â€Å"art is an attempt to achieve beauty†. According to him the physical transformation and appearance is not the beauty but the art, inner self, purity of heart, sculpture is important which defines the beauty. And the one or the thing which looks beautiful is a sublime i-e looks beautiful, inspires you but then evaporate soon. I will go with the second philosopher because Edmund Burke’s view was that sublime and the beautiful are mutually exclusive. So Collingwood’s thought was much better. Beauty is when it rests in the hearts of the people watching or experiencing it and not meant to evaporate or vanish out as the ages fall. Stories Homer and Iliad’s have marked affects on public opinions and shaping ancient Greek values. The reason why Iliad has so much admiration among the ancient’s Greek is because it is an epic poem, which means it was used to speak narrative of â€Å"elevated matters†. Plato also put forward and instruction or an alternative view of poetry as well Aristotle was steeped in Homeric tradition and clearly saw another side which Plato was failed to recognize and analyze. He construed more positively the role mimesis in art opposite of Plato and sees more positivity of homer’s stories in the shaping of Greek culture and values. Robin G. Collingwood has expressed his views in the words that the stories of Homer and Iliad have failed to empathize properly, with the historical actors or comprehend their behavior accurately in their own terms. He also said that they have failed to elucidate the past and they were only used to condemn it. The views by Aristotle were best

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